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"On the wonderfully grimy, metal set, Holden revives Michael’s story, with Jai Morjaria’s lighting cutting neon strobes through the soft glow of the city streets."

- The Guardian

"’s these scenes, where Michael is dancing away his woes, that are most effective and Jai Morjaria’s lighting design excitedly conjures up drugged-up dance floors..."

- The Reviews Hub

"But as if propelled by Jai Morjaria’s adrenalin-fuelled lighting, Cruise pulses with a hedonistic abandon of its own only to emerge out the other side..."

- London Theatre

Lorna Doone

"Jai Morjaria’s lighting picks out the drama of the rocky scenery, creating the greatest backcloth for Lorna Doone that can be imagined"

- British Theatre

Out Of The Dark

"Jai Morjaria's striking lighting design is simple but very effective, with beautifully distorted silver globes hanging from the ceiling. There is also a very clever use of shadows, projected onto the white background in various colours to portray various events and emotions."

- Broadway World

"I would like to commend Jai Morjaria for his excellent work as the lighting designer of this play. The lighting helped to convey and evoke different emotions that the characters were feeling, and the colours were beautifully mixed together highlighting the mixed emotions of the parents."

- Your Local Guardian

Ages Of The Moon

"Alexander Lass’s production is very impressive indeed, supported by Jai Morjaria’s lighting and Hollie Buhagiar’s sound design."

- The Upcoming

"…Jai Morjaria’s lighting casts shadows in a dark night of the soul."

- The times

"Jai Morjaria’s lighting catches the subtle mood changes as a lunar eclipse gently leads to both a physical and metaphorical twilight."

- The Stage


Shuck 'n' Jive

"Jai Morjaria has created a visual world through lighting that goes from realistic to the heightened theatrical surreal world."

- Broadway world


Actors Nightmare

"Jai Morjaria evokes a bewildering, dreamlike mood with a bold lighting design, splitting up scenes with washes of nocturnal blue or pulsing magenta."

- The Stage

"Six short plays, five stunning actors, magical lighting from Jai Morjaria and sharp direction from Lydia Parker"

- Camden New journal


Lorna Doone

"Jai Morjaria’s lighting picks out the drama of the rocky scenery, creating the greatest backcloth for Lorna Doone that can be imagined: the brutal yet majestic reality of Exmoor."

- British Theatre


Mary’s Babies

"Jai Morjaria’s elegant lighting subtly compliments the changing mood of the piece."

- British Theatre

"The pastel atmosphere is lit up by Jai Morjaria, who makes warm lights collide with cold LED strips attached to Reid's set."

- Broadway world

Alice In Wonderland

"With the combination of projection, lighting tricks and scenery they move into each section of the weird yet wonderful world impressively." 

- Sincerely Amy

"...make use of modern and clever lighting to capture the story..." 

- ET Speaks From Home

"The staging is very clever, with a combination of puppets, lights and special effects. I did wonder how they would get a giant Alice on stage! There is a clever mix of on-stage special effects and lights which make the fall into the rabbit hole really believable and impressive." 

- Here Comes The Girls Blog

"The down the rabbit hole sequences are cleverly done with the use of music and lights that give it a dreamlike feel" 

- Fashion-Mommy

LYT Danny 306+Forever

"With help from Jai Morjaria’s lighting design, the hotel’s elegant, coastal vibe brings the events of the past to life." 

- All Edinbrugh Theeatre

Scrooge and The Seven Dwarves

"The lighting by Jai Morjaria is clever and the lighting designer got a lot out of a very basic rig." 

- Theatre Reviews Design


"...the ever-changing settings were enhanced throughout by the lighting from Jai Morjaria." 

- Sardines

Trident Moon

"Fred Riding’s sound and Jai Morjaria’s lighting work are impeccable, blending together an atmosphere without being intrusive." 

- The Up Coming


"...the set, sound and lighting design complemented and underscored the text, particularly in the less naturalistic scenes." 

- The Reviews Hub

"The design by Phil Lindley comes alive with the lighting of Jai Morjaria and projections by Tom Pearson." 

- Live Theatre UK

Tis Pity She's A Whore

"Jai Morjaria’s lighting design is perfect for the production, subtly guiding the audience’s attention to certain characters in certain parts of the stage as the show progresses." 

- London Theatre 1

"...thanks to Dukes' control of the ensemble and Jai Morjaria's vibrant, atmospheric lighting. The way it's all framed is stunning." 

- Views From The Gods

"Jai Morjaria’s slaps of rich primary colours brings out the hysteria..." 

- Grumpy Gay Critic

A Midsummer Night's Dream

"...The brave choices paid off"

- Live Theatre UK

 "The staging and clothes are simple, allowing the focus to remain on the acting of the small cast (with the exception of the ethereal ending – a brief moment showing the power of lighting)"

-The Upcoming

Cancel The Sunshine

"Jai Morjaria's light and Kirsty Gillmore's sound also working well to give an all-encompassing feel to the production that isn't easily forgettable." 

- There Ought To Be Clowns

"The combination of light, sound and video...really strengthens the play and allows Thomas a solid background to bounce against" 

- The Upcoming


Tamburlaine The Great

"The lighting, designed by Jai Morjaria, is totally fundamental to the success of Duke’s imagery. The back-lighting, the stark shafts of colour and the silhouettes complete the visual prowess of this production. There is a wonderful visual language devised to express the acts of suicide and execution that relies on the counter-intuitive relationship between white light and death"

- The Absent Reviewer

"This production of Tamburlaine is also visually interesting in other respects: light design by Jai Morjaria and costumes by Rachel Dingle are cleverly integrated and add depth and interpretations to the play."

- West End Wilma

"The technical side of the production are certainly noteworthy, whether it’s the choreography of 15-strong cast on stage, the sound design by Neil McKeown or the light design by Jai Morjaria..."

- Female Arts

"With visually arresting movement sequences, skilful use of light..."

- The Plays The Thing UK


The Domestic Extremists

"Lighting designer, Jai Morjaria, makes good use of lighting to represent fear and confusion."

- Everything Theatre

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